Our story defines us.


We were born out of small town values, and a sense of commitment to honest service.

 In 1976, TAS humbly opened its doors as the operators of the Defiance County Airport in Defiance, OH. Back then, we did the simple things like maintaining aircraft based at KDFI, ensuring the runway was clear for aircraft, and keeping grounds properly maintained.

As time moved on, TAS evolved and our expertise began to take shape. We were afforded an opportunity to work with the federal reserve to move checks throughout the east coast and midwest. Naturally, the Cessna 310 was the work horse of this job, not only for our operation, but for everyone participating in this important work across the country. Through this experience, our expert knowledge in Twin Cessna’s was born. We dispatched a fleet of twin Cessna’s nightly across the eastern half of the United States. With that job, came the maintenance required; whether it was routine daily maintenance or emergency troubleshooting from a distance. This continuous practice on the Cessna 310 and its systems began to form what TAS Aviation is today!

After building a reputation for our knowledge in the 310, TAS was given the chance to participate in the Around The World Air Race in 1992.

During this race, participants from across the world competed in a multi leg, around the world journey that took one month to complete. In order to prepare for the race, Tony and the team outfitted a Cessna 310R with long range fuel tanks, extra safety equipment and advanced avionics in order to compete with the other aircraft. 

This process earned Tony and TAS Aviation a large amount of notoriety throughout the aviation community. Just after finishing the race, Tony was nominated for and awarded the FAA’s coveted, National Aviation Technician of the Year award in Washington, DC. This helped TAS Aviation cement its reputation as the foremost expert in Twin Cessna maintenance in the country.



With the beginning of the internet age in the 1990’s, the need for check carriers was reduced, and with that a lesser need for the Cessna 310. 

With its new found reputation, TAS began to provide maintenance services to the entire fleet of Twin Cessna aircraft from the 310 to the 421.  As time went on Tony and the team at TAS Aviation began to become more and more a staple in the Twin Cessna community. An integral partner of the Twin Cessna Flyer organization since its inception, TAS has worked to increase owner and operator’s knowledge about these legacy aircraft. We have done this through our meticulous care of the aircraft as well as Tony’s famous Systems and Engines Seminar he gives across the country on behalf of the Twin Cessna Flyer. Since the late ’90’s our business has grown into what you see today, servicing between 70 and 100 Twin Cessna’s every year in an effort to keep our storied fleet flying for many years to come!