Flight Training

Train in your Twin Cessna

At TAS Aviation, we offer full-service Twin Cessna training in a variety of options to suit your needs. The unique advantage we provide is the ability to become proficient and confident in YOUR airplane. Whether you need initial or recurrent training in order to satisfy insurance requirements or you would simply like to know how to better operate your aircraft, we’ve got you covered. Our expert instructors tailor each program to your individual needs and wants, and our willing to travel to you for ease and connivence.

Initial Training

This program is designed to complete the insurance requirements for any model of Twin Cessna that you are new too, in your aircraft. You will be given 15 hours or more of training depending on your needs. Not only will you be introduced to the systems and flight of a Twin Cessna but you will also be introduced to the specifics of your aircraft individually.

Recurrent Training

Our recurrent training is tailored to comply with insurance requirements while also ensuring that you are current and proficient in your model of Twin Cessna. Designed for 10 hours or more depending on proficiency.

Proficiency Training

Designed for customers who wish to stay proficient in their Twin Cessna, whether you need help with a new avionics package or you need to have a current IPC, we have you covered. This program is designed purely for your needs on a case by case basis.